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Jul-10-2003 Indiana Banks offer Second Chance accounts to those complete a class. Interestingly though, ChexSystems helped put together the class. Hopefully they are not profiting from it as that would signal a conflict of interest.
Oct-07-2002 Debit cards with direct deposit support are everywhere! Provided directly by ecount and Directo. Additionally, banks themselves are starting to offer these -- as reported in this April, 2002 article as well as this older August, 2001 article. See our summary.
Apr-18-2002 More evidence which backs us up on our claim of abuse regarding the banks use of ChexSystems.
Apr-04-2002 Consumer advocate NCRC provides a report and an executive summary on banks and ChexSystems.
Mar-27-2002 Our new website address
Mar-13-2002 The scammers are at it again: Avoid like the plague.
Sep-30-2001 Jane Bryant Quinn, national columnist, writes an article about ChexSystems.
Sep-28-2000 One down, eight thousand to go!
Bank of America changes their policies. They will now disregard ChexSystems incidents more than one year old if there is proof that "all amounts owed have been paid", and have implemented other changes.
Sep-28-2000 Inquiry by the Federal Reserve!
The Greenlining Institute organizes a second meeting between the Federal Reserve and several banks to discuss their use of ChexSystems.   more...
Jul-26-2000 Don't get mad -- get even!
Join the CRA Hit Squad.
Jul-07-2000 The ETA is here!
ETAs (Electronic Transfer Accounts) are cash cards for those who receive a federal government paycheck, pension, retirement or other federal benefit. You cannot be refused an ETA account due to ChexSystems or due to a credit report.
Jul-07-2000 Time to call in the feds!
We are starting to see a trend where certain banks, including Bank One, have been performing repeated inquiries with ChexSystems. Each time a bank or credit union requests a copy of your record, that request is tallied at ChexSystems. If ChexSystems sees three or more requests in the past ninety days, then that fact alone carries the same weight as a negative "closed for cause" record. In effect, these banks are stopping you from going to a different bank.
Jun-27-2000 First Accounts Act of 2000
This press release from the Treasury announcing the "First Accounts Act of 2000" (H.R. 4490) describes how they hope to help the 10 million U.S. families without bank accounts.
May-25-2000 A new forum launched! A ChexSys on Yahoo! Groups This complements the ChexVictims web site, launched in January, to help build the case for the class action lawsuit against ChexSystems.
May-18-2000 Dispute Reply Letter
We added to our web site a copy of the reply you hope to get after filing a dispute with ChexSystems.
May-12-2000 Senator Hatch proposes legislation that would allow bounced check collectors to use techniques that are currently outlawed.
May-03-2000 President Clinton issues privacy proposal regarding sharing of banking data. If enacted, this would certainly kill off ChexSystems' sister company, the Debit Bureau. Also, read this update on the President's ETA (Electronic Transfer Account) initiative.
Apr-07-2000 The technique from our Recommendation #18 is used successfully. Read this message sent by someone who used this recommendation and found success!
Mar-16-2000 The motive surfaces. Union Bank of California purchases check cashing joints. Further proof for our argument that ChexSystems is a tool being used by the banks for practices that should be (and probably are) illegal.
Mar-16-2000 Anonymous letter posted that should be made required reading for all bankers!
Mar-14-2000 Someone from ChexSystems contacts us. Read this message we received.
Feb-28-2000 Web site redesign!
Feb-28-2000 Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure! PayPal allows you to send payments through e-mail with funds drawn from your deposit balance at PayPal or from your credit card.
Feb-28-2000 Please support our boycott of Deluxe Check Printers and its related companies. Deluxe Corporation splits company into two parts. The eFunds division will include ChexSystems. The other part of the company is the check-printing division and includes the Current Checks (aka Checks Unlimited) and Designer Checks subsidiaries.
Jul-01-1999 ChexSystems Consumer Center ChexSystems' official consumer web site. Order your report online but then come back here to learn some details ChexSystems doesn't want you to know!

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