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Contacting ChexSystems
You can request a copy of your report online using the ChexSystems Consumer Center. It will be mailed to you in approximately three to four weeks.

You can also request a copy of your report by writing to ChexSystems or by sending a fax:
  12005 Ford Road, Suite 600
  Dallas, TX 75234-7253
  Fax: (972) 241-4772*

Instructions can be heard by calling:
  (800) 428-9623* or
  (972) 280-8585*

Customer service:
  (800) 513-7125*, Option 1 for English, then Option 5 for customer service.

If you indicate that you have been denied an account at a bank or credit union within the past 60 days, then you are eligible to recieve your report free. Otherwise there is an $8 charge. We've been told that ChexSystems doesn't verify that you truly were denied an account recently and will take you on your word as far as getting the report for free.

If you write or fax, then you need only to provide the following info:
  Name, address, and Social Security Number (SSN).

ChexSystems also asks for additional information such as date of birth, driver's license number, prior addresses, etc., but please keep in mind that ChexSystems also performs collections and works closely with direct marketers. There is no valid reason that they need this information and will be able to locate your ChexSystems record just fine using only your name, address, and SSN.

Customer Service for Members:
Banks and credit unions can call (800) 328-5120* or (800) 328-5122* to reach ChexSystems' Inquiry Department. At this number, your banker (but not you) can obtain the details in your record immediately.
Tip #1 Your banker can call this number to get all the information in your files and according to FCRA Section 607 (c) regulations, ChexSystems cannot discourage your banker from relaying that information to you.
Tip #2 ChexSystems now offers a customer service number, (800) 513-7125, for consumers to reach a human there. If the wait time on hold at that number is too long, and you REALLY want to speak to a human, sometimes you can ask for a supervisor at either of these 800 numbers and perhaps someone may be able to talk with you. Additionally, you can try calling (972) 247-5100, and press "0". Tiffany Haley is an employee who handles consumer complaints, and she can be reached at (972) 247-5100, extension 8014. Her supervisor's name is Janette Roman. Nelly Kennedy is the manager of consumer relations. Or else, try (972) 280-8580, then press the # key, and enter random 3 digit extensions until you find someone on the inside at ChexSystems who will take your call. Either you will find someone this way, or after the third attempt, your call will get forwarded to a human.

It really shouldn't be this difficult to reach a human there, and ChexSystems' peers have learned their lesson after being sued by the FTC for failing to answer the phone. If you feel that ChexSystems also isn't answering the phone adequately, please let the FTC know.

* The phone number you call from can be recorded by ChexSystems regardless of whether or not you have "caller ID blocking" enabled (especially with the 800 and 888 calls, which will always report the caller's ID.).

ChexSystems is owned by Deluxe Corporation
Deluxe Check and Deluxe Corporation headquarters can be reached at (651) 483-7111. One Deluxe employee who can talk about ChexSystems is Susan Amston. Lisa Nelson is the director of consumer affairs and information practices for ChexSystems. Other names in ChexSystems management who might be useful to you are Kerry Sydow, Cheri Putney, David Sidler, and Lucinda Khalu.

Learn About ChexSystems.

Also, if you are curious as to what the people on the inside at ChexSystems are like then please read this message we received.

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