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ChexSystems Bites!
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Actual Message Received
From a ChexSystems Staff Member
The following is an actual message received from Shelby Jensen at eFunds, which is the new name for ChexSystems' parent company, which itself is owned by Deluxe Corporation.

Received: from
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000 06:11:21 -0800

Subject: Reply on your so called Chex systems bites

This is hillarious [sic], This site kills me. Maybe you knew or maybe not, that a bank doesn't have to open a checking account for you nor does a store have to except [sic] your check. Legally they do not have to if they don't like the way that you look, remember check writing is a privilage [sic] not a right. You abuse the system and they get you back somehow. and they don't punish you for your past mistakes all you do is clear up the problem and your [sic] fine. you can open a checking account or continue to write checks again. You should definately [sic] do your homework before dogging on a company that acually [sic] helps you so you don't have to pay such high costs for a checking account. They acually [sic] have helped save banks and consumers thousands and thousands of dollars yearly on fraud. Maybe you had a bad experience, but then again maybe we should hold you to all of your mistakes for the rest of your life too. Thanks for your time and as always have a wonderful day.


We show this message publicly here to point out the caliber of the people at ChexSystems, the arrogance of the people at ChexSystems and to prove that misinformation is abundant at that organization.

We are also posting this message on the general forum at which is the best place for feedback and further discussion on this.

Please support our boycott of Deluxe Check Printers and its related companies. Please remember that the company that owns eFunds and ChexSystems is Deluxe Corporation. Join the boycott of Deluxe by having your next order of blank checks printed by one of Deluxe's competitors. It will probably be cheaper to do this anyway! Consider Checks In The Mail or some other supplier from the Yahoo! Bank Check Directory.

Perhaps you have a similar first-hand experience with ChexSystems or with a bank. If so, the Federal Reserve Complaints Department would like to know (as would we!).

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