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Boycott Deluxe Check Printers
Boycott Deluxe Deluxe Corporation is the company that owns ChexSystems. They also own Current Checks (aka Checks Unlimited), Designer Checks and Delforms. Join the boycott of Deluxe by having your next order of blank checks printed by one of Deluxe's competitors. It will probably be cheaper to do this anyway! Consider Checks In The Mail,, MCBee The Cheque Republic (who features some clever designs) or some other supplier from the Yahoo! Bank Check Directory.

Because Deluxe now sells checks direct to the consumer under the Checks Unlimited and Designer Checks brands, many banks are dropping Deluxe and instead printing their checks in-house using a system developed by Professional Check Systems. Ask your banker if they offer this instead of Deluxe. Remind them how Deluxe is now selling checks direct to the consumer.

Did you know?
Every time you order blank checks from Deluxe or one of their subsidiaries, information about you is sent to ChexSystems and also to Deluxe's collections agency and direct marketing partners. This information includes private, personal information such as your bank account number, current address, and more. This occurs only when you order checks from Deluxe, Current Checks, Checks Unlimited, or Designer checks. They transmit this information to their sister companies ChexSystems, Debit Bureau, EFunds and SCAN. We've located a copy of the agreement between Checks Unlimited (aka Current) and eFunds to share your blank check order and bank account information.

If it isn't obvious to you why this is a big deal, then please read this article about invasive banking.

Along the same lines, did you know that information that you provide to a bank in your bank account application also is given to ChexSystems, Debit Bureau, EFunds and SCAN?

Also, if you are curious as to what the people on the inside at ChexSystems are like then please read this message we received.

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