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Message Sent By Someone Who
Used Our Recommendation #16
The following is a message sent by someone who followed our Recommendation #18 and had success! [minor editing for privacy and brevity.]

From: [edited]
Date: Fri, 07 Apr 2000

Hi. Last week I was informed by my bank, that I was put on Chex Systems. They closed my account. After researching information on your site, as well as discussing legalities with my attorney, I gained much valued information. I paid the debt (two bank charges) and went directly to my branch manager at my bank. What a snob she was! Very nervous and intimidated by me. I think I may have had too many facts to substantiate my position, and they made her uncomfortable. She refused to reopen my account.

I went directly to the President of the Region she works in, and I demanded a written policy that outlined the criteria that they used in determing that they should close my account. I told her that I had the distinct impression that if my checking account balance had been $10,000, my meeting with the branch manager would have had a completely differently outcome and my account and my reputation would both still be intact.

I further stated that by not having a written policy which outlined their criteria, they were subjecting me to descrimination. I told her I don't want a lawsuit, but my attorney and I were prepared to file one if need be. I certainly wasn't going to sit and do nothing for the next five years.

After pushing her for a written outline of their criteria, she finally admitted they did not have one. She told me that she would review my account. She called me today and told me that they are going to keep it open. Both the checking and savings. That they will monitor it every few months or so. I said that would be fine.

Thank you for your site.

I will keep you posted.
- [edited]


We'ld like to post additional first-hand accounts of how you've been able to overcome the ChexSystems roadblock. Post your information on the website and we will respond there.

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